Today's competitive marketplace demands that you find ways to lower your costs, avoid expenditures and earn additional revenues whenever and wherever possible. The combination of waste management, cost avoidance, and asset recovery results in higher bottom line profitability. AWSM can help you accomplish this. A comprehensive waste assessment enables us to create a waste reduction and recycling program tailored to your needs. Recycling helps our planet!

  • Save money - 50% or more of your trash bills!

  • Generate Revenue - Recyclable materials are worth money!

  • Environmentally responsible - Do your part!

And all of this is achievable without adding labor. The process is simple, and we keep your yard clean. All of your recyclable materials will find new homes, while saving trees, water, energy and oil; and besides preserving our natural resources, it reduces air pollution and is friendly to Mother Earth. And above all, diverting your recyclable waste from landfills not only saves you lots of money, in many cases it generates additional income for your business.

AWSM has the contacts and expertise to supply you with the correct equipment you might need to facilitate this great adventure, generally for less money than you will save on your trash bills alone. We can provide new or used balers and compactors for sale or rent, whichever suits your needs.

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